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Related article: Afraid of the Dark Fic: Afraid of the Dark IAfraid of the Dark Author: AphroditeFeedback: Yes, send to nsaphroditeyahoo.com Disclaimer: Never happened therefore it's fiction. Rating: NC-17.Summary: Jason falls victim to Michael John's terribly gone awry prank.Author's Notes: This story as well as my other stories are posted at Castrofics. Otherwise, enjoy the story here. For visual aid, please check out Jason Castro's Beautiful Slideshow and watch Jason in bed in Jason Castro's Vlog. The boy's pretty blue eyes are absolutely electric. Affiliates: Castrofics --a comprehensive Jason Castro fanfiction archive. I've locked the site to prevent spammers and protect the kiddies from the adult content so you'll have to register to view the stories, but I promise it'll be worth the extra mintue to sign up. And while you're at it, check out the stories by auto-floss and slashalove. These writers are great at writing smut and the likes. Jason Castro's Myspacec -not really mine, but do visit and play his music so the big wigs in the music industry can see the light and realize that Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets.Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets. Jason Castro's YouTube --Jason's beautiful, but does he have a personality to go with the pretty face? Jason Castro's Official Site --pretty boy's official website is just as pretty as its muse. Afraid of the Dark IIt was no secret that Jason Castro was afraid of the dark. There was a reason why the boy slept so much during the day. While others were fast asleep in the comfort of their beds, Jason would spend his sleepless nights wide awake, writing music if his roommates were lucky or strumming his guitar, finding new riffs if they weren't. His bedroom lights were always on. It was also no secret that Jason Castro admired David Cook, idolized him even. Being the only other true musician on the show, Jason grew an instant penchant for the resident hard ass rocker, always wanting to hang out with the older singer. David appeared to tolerate the boy and allowed him to hang out with the older crowd. Even among this older crowd of Michael Johns, Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, and David Hernandez, David Cook was one of the younger ones, but still very mature for his age. Jason, on the Nn Preteen Models other hand, stuck out like a sore thumb. When hanging out with the older crow, the boy didn't talk much. He didn't interact with them much either. He would just sit and watch as Michael Johns cranked out one prank after another. Michael was the life of the party. Always was and always will. Jason Castro was bound to be Michael Johns' victim as no one was immune to Michael's practical jokes, not even his proclaimed best friends forever, the other half of the Mavid bromance production team, David Cook. Michael had been envisioning scenario after scenario to punk the laid-back and easy going crooner since the first day he saw the pretty boy sleeping peacefully, neatly tucked underneath a blanket full of daisies. The stroke of genius occurred to him one late night in mid-October and Michael couldn't wait for October to come to an end to tell David about the most hilarious prank to go down in Michael Johns' hall of fame history of practical jokes. After laying out the detailed plan, he easily convinced David to join in the prank. David was key to Michael's prank on Jason and as it turned out Michael's ingenious prank was key to David's own self-interested plan. After Michael had successfully enlisted David in the plot, he recruited the others to join in the fun. It was going to be the best practical joke ever accomplished. The day before Hallow's eve, David crawled into Jason's bed and whispered into the boy's ear. "Good morning, eyelashes." The boy smiled warmly in his sleep. "Go away," he mumbled, burying his face in his pillow. "Still sleeping. Too early." David laughed. It was nearly noon and according to Jason Castro, it was still too early to get up. David ruffled the boy's hair and still Jason was sleeping. Out of desperation, David reached under the blanket full of daisies and tickled the boy's sides. Jason squirmed underneath his touch and rolled over onto his stomach, his eyes fluttered opened and with the sunlight peering in, Jason's pretty blue eyes were even more intoxicatingly beautiful. David felt as if he could drown in their depths at that moment. Michael cleared his throat, reminding him of his role in this ultimate prank of all time. "Get up, lashes." David said, grabbing the boy's delicate wrist and hauling him out of bed. "We have a busy day ahead of us." Jason nodded and scrambled for the bathroom adjacent to his room, his blanket full of daisies trailing behind, tucked between his legs. David Nn Preteen Models shook his head at the boy's innocence and adorableness. Michael joined him on Jason's now vacated bed and waited with David for the boy to return to his room. Moments later, the boy emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist- the towel barely covering his ass. He Nn Preteen Models scurried toward his closet and disappeared into the tight confinement of the closet, struggling to get dressed inside the closet. A loud thud followed by a shriek jolted both Michael and David off the bed and toward the closet. Michael gripped the doorknob and swung the door open to find Jason half dressed. His jeans still halfway up his legs and his shirt smothering his face. A hanger somehow found its way between the boy's legs, lodged inside the slit of the boxer briefs. David smiled at the struggling boy and helped his friend, reaching over for the hanger and yanking it out of the way, providing just a glimpse of the boy's genitals in that one fleeting moment of brief nudity where the hanger pulled on the slit to reveal the sacred flesh inside. Michael shook his head at David and stepped inside the closet, stopping behind the boy to help him with his shirt as David guided the boy's jeans to his hips. "There." Michael announced, patting Jason's tight ass. The boy jumped and stumbled out of the closet with Michael trailing right behind him. "Can't you do anything by yourself, baby boy?" Jason pouted at Michael's statement and dismissed Michael in favor of David. "Hi." "Hi." David laughed. "You looked adorable in the closet, eyelashes." Jason pouted, again, at David's pet name for him. He hated it when David first called him that and he still hated it. "Where are we going?" "Just hanging out today, angel." Michael interrupted, wrapping his arm around Jason's shoulder, pulling the boy closer to his body. "Have you ever been to a corn maze, Jase?" Jason turned around to look at Michael. The boy shook his head. "No. My mother was always afraid I'd get lost in the corn maze and never get out." The boy explained. "Well, you'll be in a little treat then, Jason, because tonight we're going to the corn maze." Michael told the boy. Jason looked nervously over his shoulder at David, who nodded his head. "David will be joining us, too. So no boots, doll, just sneakers or flip-flops. Easier to run around in those." "Okay." Jason bit his bottom lip and smiled at his friend. Michael smiled back before leaning over to place a chaste kiss on the boy's forehead. "See you in a bit, baby boy." "Bye, Michael." Jason said, his blue eyes following Michael's exiting figure. When Michael was gone, Jason turned around and met with David's hazel grey eyes. "A corn maze, David?" David smiled and nodded, clapping his hand on Jason's back, drawing the boy in for a friendly embrace. "Yes, a corn maze." tbc...
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